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Stride Transport was the dream of the father son team Cliff and Craig Strasner. It started in 2013 with two trucks and a vision to help their customers receive quality service at a quality price. Since its humble beginning, the fleet of vacuum trucks has grown to ten trucks and a large team of highly skilled, liscensed and properly trained CDL drivers. In 2014, Stride Transport welcomed Ken Griffin into the family as Operations Superintendent and Chelsea Evans as Assistant Operations Superintendent. This locally owned and operated business gives you the professional results while making you feel like part of the family!

Stride Transport was established in 2013 by Cliff & Craig Strasner. The values which guide us are:An unwavering commitment to safetyUncompromising qualityQuick response to the needs of our clientsMeaningful innovationGrooming team members who are united by a passion for excellenceMaking individual integrity our foundation To reach our goal we must provide superior service to our customers. As a customer of Stride Transport, you are critical to our success. Through your success we can reach our goals.



Freshwater and Brine Water Hauling Services



Stride Transport, LLC has an extensive vendor's list to the area's most predominate water companies. This allows us to give you the best and most competitive possible rate on Freshwater and Brine Water.

Each well is unique, however most wells require 2 to 4 million gallons of water for the process to be completed. That can mean that you need as much as 95,000 barrels of water a day to be delivered to your site. We are your leading provider of safe transport of  what you need and when you need it most. Whether you need one load or one thousand, you can rest assured that our skilled, highly trained, professional drivers will get it there on time, safely, and expertly every time.

Flowback and Produced Water Services



15% to as much as 70% of the water used on a well will flow back to the surface. However, to ensure the safety of the environment this water will need to be treated to be used again on the well site. In some cases, this water may be deemed too contaminated to be used again.

In all stages of the operation, trucking services will be needed to ensure that the water is hauled away quickly, securely, and disposed of properly. Stride Transport, LLC has teamed up with the area's most accredited Salt Water Disposal Injection Companies and Water Reclamation Services to offer you peace of mind that your produced water will be handled in accordance with all the local, state and federal laws.



We believe that every customer deserves our focused attention, consistent service, strong leadership – and a dedicated team that truly cares about each and every project.



We are a supplement to your team. Our organization is structured to put our entire team to work on your project.  With Stride Transport,  no matter where your project is located, and no matter what driver or drivers are assigned to your project, our service is consistent from beginning to end. Your success is our success!



Standardized daily, weekly, or monthly reports are consistently taken from the job site and you will be kept in the loop from beginning to end. Need a specialized report of progress? No worries! Our team will be glad to design a reporting system that suits your needs. No task is too big or small and no concern will fall on deaf ears.



The entire Stride Transport team collabarates collectively to strategize and work on every project. Having an "all-hands-on-deck" attitude means that you get the specialized treatment for all of our team members that your project deserves. This consistent communication is one way you can rest assured that the job is getting done right, every time!



Our integrity is something you can hang your hat on. We are proud to carry on a family legacy of doing the right thing, every time.



7116 West Interstate 20

Midland, TX 79706

Tel: 432-563-0400

Fax: 432-563-0406


To apply for a job with Stride Transport,
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